Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tiger (Illustration Friday) Ferocious

Standing next to a Tiger will mute any doubts one had about these ferocious animals. They are elegant, proud, and above all they are ferocious!
I decided to use a tiger as my topic for this week, as this was one of my first thoughts that came to mind! Such beauty combined with absolute power.
I used a drawing tablet, working in a low opacity to build it in layers of brush strokes in photoshop.
The final artwork is in A2 size.

Monday, 19 September 2011

In The Eye of the Beholder - Illustration Friday (mesmerizing)

This I did for Illustration Friday using only diluted ink and a toothpick.

Have you ever stared into the eyes of a tree frog? They seem to stare aimlessly deep into your soul, mesmerizing, hypnotizing. Maybe that's just because the poor guy is scared to death, none the less it's still one of the most hypnotic pictures I can imagine!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Where it all starts

Another Mesmerizing thought - I almost forgot. Coffee!

Friday, 16 September 2011


This is a montage I created from various artists' work, which I then repainted with gouache.
I used artists' work as a starting point, because in order to illustrate the world, you need to 'take' from it to 'give' what you see. Not one of my favorite works, but it was experimental and fun!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Toothpick and diluted ink, accompanied by the boot

This drawing was done in a very loose expressive manner. I used a toothpick, brush and worked in layers of diluted ink to build the boot

Dots, dots, fine liner and more dots

This is a rendering done with a fine liner, using only dots to render the whole shoe.

Gestural ballpoint pen drawing of the boot

This is a gestural drawing I did of the boot, had some ballpoint pen fun, something I realized I should do more often!

Fine liner, scrabbles and the boot

A boot roughly rendered in fine liner

Brush, ink and a shoe

A drawing I did with a brush and  ink

Pencil and the boot

Pencil drawing of the boot.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Linocut, torture and ink

This is a project I worked on. The theme was transportation, and needed to be cut from lino tiles and then printed. What might seem like a simple ink drawing with bold lines, is actually the product of many, many hours of intense carving. How it works: All the white (or negative) spaces needs to be carved out with wood carving tools from the tile. This might be frustrating, and painful as the tools slip (lots of cuts, stabs and painful adventures!) After it has been carved out, it gets rolled with a sticky black litho ink roller, and then put through a pressure press. The result is a printed artwork that is embossed. Kind of like a complex stamp!